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The UChatglobal webapp is a complete answer to the issues with effective communication and instant message delivery to large groups of people at once. This program seeks to provide a single platform to use many forms of communication, including text, word, pdf, pictures, WhatsApp messages, MMS, email, and fax, in order to transmit messages and information to a large group at once.

With Uchatglobal, you won’t have to worry about keeping track of expenditures from various sources or worry about how to transfer data from one platform to another. It is a reliable, affordable, and effective way to communicate with your receivers all in one place. Additionally, it offers a unique chance to obtain unfiltered first-hand input. 

On the same platform, several social networking services from third parties can be integrated. The goal is to combine several message-sending channels, such as voice calls, faxes, and text and email communications. Sending various types of multimedia messages requires the usage of many mediums. many types of images Different types of files, such as Word, PDF, MP3, MP4, and various video GIFs in MP4, MPEG, JPEG, and PNG formats Maximum message size is 16 MB.